My Ukuleles

These are listed in the order that I acquired them in.

Ukulele no. 1
Type: Soprano Figure-8
Make: Sky Lark
Price: Around 5
Acquired on: Around 1993
Comments: This was my first ukulele. It was bought new for around 5 around the year 1993. We just found it recently; it had been lost for nearly thirteen years. I decided to string it up with Galli strings, which sound surprisingly good, even on a cheap instrument.

Ukulele no. 2
Type: Soprano Figure-8
Make: Sky Lark
Key: F
Price: 29
Acquired on: Around February 2006
Comments: This was the ukulele that I learned on. It is almost exactly the same as the other Sky Lark, however it isn't made quite as well.

Ukulele no. 3
Type: Banjo
Make: George Haughton and Sons.
Key: D
Price: 50 - Original price: Don't know, but probably around 10/-
Acquired on: 18th August 2006
Comments: I've now done this little gem up, and it's nearly as good as the best! Best 50 my parents ever spent on me!

Ukulele no. 4 Type: Banjo
Make: Dallas (model 'A')
Key: F
Price: 250 - Original price: 1-10/-
Acquired on: 15th September 2006
Comments: Made in 1936 as part of the 'official' George Formby ukulele range.

Ukulele no. 5
Type: Soprano Figure-8
Make: Mahalo
Key: N/A - in bits!
Price: 12.50
Acquired on: Late September 2006
Comments: I bought this and sprayed it black (which I now regret) to use for songs played by George Formby in the films 'Boots! Boots!' and 'Off The Dole!'. Really, it's a load of crap, but if I strip all the paint off it and revarnish it with clear varnish, give it some new pegs, galli strings, etc... it should be a really champion instrument.

Ukulele no. 6
Type: Baritone Figure-8
Make: Mahalo
Key: G
Price: 54.50
Acquired on: 21st October 2006
Comments: I have been wanting a baritone uke for ages now, and I've finally got one! This one's just fine to play as a guitar, because I haven't a clue about the guitar - can't play a note. It's good to play The Window Cleaner... now it's a job that just suits me...

Ukulele no. 7
Type: Tenor Figure-8
Make: Mahalo
Key: G
Price: 45.00
Acquired on: 6th March 2007
Comments: This is the same type of ukulele as the one George Formby used in his films 'Boots! Boots,' 'Off The Dole,' and 'No Limit.' It has a great tone!

Ukulele no. 8
Type: Banjo
Make: Windsor (Whirle)
Key: N/A
Price: 115.00 - Original price: Don't know.
Acquired on: 23rd March 2007
Comments: A surprisingly good little ukulele. It's skinned with clear pigskin and strung with black galli strings, which are both going to be replaced in the near future, but even so, it plays really nicely.

Ukulele no. 9
Type: Banjo
Make: Alvin D. Keech
Key: D
Price: 210.00 - Original price: Don't know.
Acquired on: 28th March 2007
Comments: Considering this little uke is from around 1930, you wouldn't think it had been made as long as a year ago. It has some very nice stringing on the top and bottom of the outside pot, which is very fine and very attractive. Also, considering the action is pushing 1/3rd of an inch, it's very easy to play, and has a very bright and strident tone.

Ukulele no. 10
Type: Banjo
Make: Gibson (UB2)
Key: F
Price: 800.00 - Original price: $17.50
Acquired on: 10th June 2007
Comments: The Baby Gibson, finally, is mine! My new facourite ukulele-banjo, and also the favourite of GFS Founder Member John Walley (so he keeps telling me).

Ukulele no. 11
Type: Figure-8
Make: Bruko
Key: Eb
Price: 50
Acquired on: 8th September 2007
Comments: Nice little instrument, bought off a fellow member of the local (Blackpool) GFS branch. Very shallow body, which makes for a very sweet and mellow sound.

Ukulele no. 12
Type: Banjo
Make: Ludwig (Wendell Hall)
Key: D
Price: 1,600 - Original price: Around $40-$50.
Acquired on: 9th September 2007
Comments: The Ludwig. This ukulele was the best instrument available to buy at the September Convention (2007), and that's even considering that there were Abbott "Monarch" instruments there as well. Now I own two of the three best ukuleles in the world.

Ukulele no. 13
Type: Banjo
Make: Dallas (B)
Key: C
Price: 250 - Original price: Around 2/10.
Acquired on: 5th October 2007
Comments: My second Dallas, nice little instruent, yet not quite as good as the Ludwig :).

Ukulele no. 14
Type: Banjo
Make: God knows
Key: D
Price: 25
Acquired on: 1st December 2007
Comments: Bought it to muck around with, really, see if I can make it sound good.

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