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So, my year left school after 12 hellish years (1994-2006), and even though, since walking out of the school gates for the last time, I have realised that even college, which is very similar, isn't quite the same. I'd therefore like to dedicate this song to all the friends I had at school: Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again. Thank you everybody. Towards the end, we had some real fun.

If you go to Hodgson High School, or if you did, you might find the following little files interesting. More might be on the way, depending on how I feel...

Internet Broken
Internet Broken, Give us a hand GRUNDY!
GRUNDY, it's the Borg!
Internet non existo.
Internet ist drek.
Your Internet privilages have been revoked. Have a nice day :) .

I have started a small George Formby Senior page. Please take a look.

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