Nathan Lineback's Toasty Technology page, where you can find interesting files and pictures.

My mate Lloyd Wright's web-site. Hilarious random dogshit here. The 100 dialog box thing that pisses people off that my 1000 dialog box thing that pisses people off is based on is here, along with... you'll have to find out for yourself!

If you like M*A*S*H, you can come here and get your own email address.

M*A*S*H TV series information, jokes pictures, and Suicide is Painless lyrics.

Slashdot. News for nerds. Really important stuff.

Google search engine.

Altavista, very good for finding pictures, movies, or audio files.

If you have an AOL ScreenName, or want to start one, come here.

MenuetOS, an interesting little OS written in 32bit assembly lingo. Fits on a single floppy, along with all its accessories! Information on old operating systems. Programs to run on old operating systems.

Homepage for M-1, a home-made CPU

Oldversion. Here you can get old versions of software such as Winzip, MSN, Winamp, etc...

The M*A*S*H Movie page

The homepage for some geyser called Rowan. The site is incredibly funny, and there are some very interesting projects and links here. Enjoy

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