by Mark Tuson

I've written this story based on the original Donkey Kong arcade game, including the somewhat primitive 'canon' that was established at that point. Mario is a carpenter, Pauline is his girlfriend, and Donkey Kong is Mario's pet and gimmick. Please note that this story is the only one that I intend to write in this canon; if I do write any other 'Mario' stories, I will do so in the 'accepted' canon. The story is set in Brooklyn, the year 1978.

Mario and Pauline walked down the street toward their favourite restaurant and ordered two plates of Spaghetti Bolognese. While they were waiting for it to arrive, they started talking.

"Do you want to come back round to my place after we've finished?" Asked Mario.

"OK. Just don't try anything, OK?" Said Pauline.

Mario looked back with a cheeky grin and said to her, "OK. Would you like to watch some TV, then?" She nodded. Just then the food arrived, and they tucked into it. When they finished, the waiter came back and gave Mario the bill for fifteen dollars, which he paid, and he and Pauline went out onto the dark streets of Brooklyn. The lamp posts were happily glowing, giving out quite a friendly, warm atmosphere, even though it was quite cool out.

Mario and Pauline were walking down the footpath back towards Mario's shop, where he also lived. They talked, mainly about the possibility of getting married, and getting a house together. When they were just across the road from the shop, Mario noticed that there was a commotion in the shop. He and Pauline ran across the road back to the shop, and Mario unlocked the door and went in. All of a sudden, Donkey Kong ran out of the house and grabbed Pauline, then ran up the side of the building.

"Pauline!" Called Mario. Thinking as fast as he could, he ran to the back of the shop where he had a ladder, and, quickly erecting the ladder and running up it, he could just see Donkey Kong running up the side of a tall building next to his shop, Pauline screaming all the way. Luckily, there was scaffolding up the side of the building, up which Donkey Kong was rapidly running. He stopped at about seventy-five yards, looking at Mario with all the contempt, and more, than you could have thought an ape could.

Mario ran at the scaffolding as fast as he could and jumped up to it, only just catching it by the left-hand corner. Donkey Kong started grabbing some large pieces of wood and hurling them at Mario, who ducked and jumped to get out of the way. He climbed frantically up the scaffold to try and get at Pauline.

About eighteen yards up, on the third level up the scaffold, Mario noticed a hammer that must have been left there by one of the people that had been working on the building, so as he ran up and down that part, avoiding the pieces of wood that were raining down on him, he could smash any that he couldn't avoid. However, as he tried to climb up to the fourth level, he dropped it. He carried on climbing up, and up, and up, pieces of wood still flying in every direction.

As Mario got toward the top, Donkey Kong tossed Pauline up to the next level above him, and threw more pieces of wood at Mario with even more gusto than before.

Mario, while dodging between the large pieces of wood, noticed that the next couple of levels up were supported by some rather precarious pegs, which, if he could break, he could make those levels topple down, making Donkey Kong fall, and him able to get back to Pauline. He ran back and forth, breaking these pegs as he went, then climbing up to the next level and doing the same. When he got to Donkey Kong's level, and did that, Donkey Kong toppled down the entire scaffold and onto the ground below. Mario jumped up to where Pauline was and they kissed. Then, they both jumped and climbed back down to the ground, where Mario picked Donkey Kong up and took him back into the shop and locked him in his cage.

He then took Pauline back home; they had had enough adventure for that evening.


The Craracters of Donkey Kong, Mario, and Pauline are Copyright (C) Nintendo, 1981 - Present. This story has not been written to make a profit.
This story is Copyright (C) Mark Tuson, 2006. Feel free to post it wherever you wish, just please give me the credit for my work!