SimGirl - A dating game based on a film that I think was called DNA2.
Ant City - Play with a magnifying glass and a city of little ants! Don't go for the petrol tanker though...
Spank the Monkey - It's not what you expect! See how fast you can spank the monkey!
Windows RG - A funny spoof of the Windows OS. Have a play around with it, just don't come crying to me when it goes wrong!
Sonic the Hedgehog - I love this game. Sonic the Hedgehog has, along with Super Mario Bros., spent many hours being played by me ROFL.
Donkey Kong - The original arcade game. The game that started off the revolution. Enjoy. Also, have a look at the story I wrote, Donkey Kong, written by me to send to an SMB fan-fiction website, but then I decided to give it a proper page of its own here. Enjoy.
Alcohol Warnings - Warnings against UBER use of alcohol.
End of the World - Quite a funny film, made to show a not-so-inhumourous apocalipse.

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