Chicago build 58s - M3

"Microsoft Chicago - Preliminary Release - August 1993." This is two full years before the system was finally released.

In these early versions of Chicago, networking implementation is not yet complete.

"This PRERELEASE version of Microsoft Chicago is under construction!" I noticed. I have to read this message every time Chicago boots up.

When I first saw this, my heart sank. But then I had a bright idea; to just try and put '000000' in. And it worked!

Trying to get me to install a printer. I said 'NO, THANK YOU.'

Microsoft's definately trying to remind me that it's under construction.

The 'File Cabinet.' What eventually became 'My Computer.' Notice that the system menu is still that of Windows 3.x, and the icon is shown on the title bar itself, next to the title. I want to learn how to do this.

I think that became the start menu. There is no 'Programs' list on it, instead these are shoved in a folder on the desktop (Which I'm sure is very accessible when you're cluttered up with programs. I also noticed that [CTRL]+[ESC] didn't work in bringing the menu up. One has to click on it manually.

Accessories. Nothing really worth writing home about. They're just those of Windows 3.1. A load of these programs won't work, and when I decided to try and replace then with their Windows 3.1 counterparts (for functionality), either the disk refused to respond or I got a messane saying "Please obtain a version of this software that is compatible with Windows version 4.00 or later." WHAT?

Notepad did work, and I just couldn't resist doing this.

The File cabinet identifies itself as 'Chicago Explorer.' How very intelligent.

About Chicago. It doesn't tell me my name or company, even though I put them in during setup.

This is more remeniscant of Windows 3.x that 95. Shows how [sarcasm]much[/sarcasm] work had gone into it.

This is definitely like Windows NT!

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