Chicago build 122 - Beta 1

"Microsoft Chicago Beta 1 - May 1994." That was well over a year before Windows 95 was released - and around two years after the project first began. I think the reason why Microsoft code-name their operating systems instead of actually naming them, is because if they name the operating system, they will be obliged to release it when they say they will.

This is a feature I seem not to be able to get rid of. I looked in 'Passwords' in the Control Panel, but there isn't a box to check to turn that off... yet.

This is how I was greeted when I logged onto Chicago. A badly drawn 'My Computer' icon and 'Click here to begin,' which was done with pure text! How boring!

The 'Start' button, having just been clicked. There are no icons on here yet, but the menu is still *ALMOST* 'functional'.

'My Computer,' open. Nothing's really changed between here and Windows 95.

Looking at the program, 'winver.exe'. It gives the version as 3.95. If you look at the bootable, the Operating System itself identifies itself as Chicago version 4.00.

Just to show you what version it was, I clicked on the 'About' button on the 'Help' menu.

WordPad. If I click on 'notepad.exe,' 'wordpad.exe,' or 'writepad.exe,' I get this same program appear, and the same message as now appears on Microsoft Pocket Word (CE), about formatting the text or not.

Now, where would we be without the old Program Manager? I grew up on Program Manager, on Windows 3.1. Those were the days.

Control Panel. Just the same as ever for a 9x OS.

I seemed to be doing a hell of a lot of this... some things never change!

This menu hasn't really changed that much between now and Windows 95, apart from the radio-buttons are diamond-shaped and not round.

This reminded me of WindowsNT the first time I saw it. It looks like it came before the graphic "Please wait while Windows shuts down" in the release version.

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