Endangered Software Archive - 16-bit Windows Programs

The files here are compressed using 7zip, so as to keep download times down and to enable us all to keep larger archives.

NOTE: While I am making this software freely available, I wish to make it clear that I am not in any way claiming ownership of their copyrights. Neither am I intending to prevent people from legitimately acquiring new software; I merely wish to encourage people to remember what software looked like in times long gone. The copyrights of each of the programs here belong to their respective manufacturers.

Programming Environments
Microsoft Visual Basic 1.00 Professional
This is the first version of Microsoft's first Windows-based programming environments. There is a DOS version around as well, but this is two years earlier. The DOS version was released as an expansion on their QuickBASIC series of compilers. It's purpose was to 'bridge the gap' between DOS programming and Windows programming... the two languages, however, are very dissimilar. It might interest some people to know that Visual Basic was originally intended to be released alongside Windows 3.0 as a tool to make custom shells to replace the Program Manager. During development it was noticed that it would be useful as a general-purpose IDE as well, so it was for that that it was released. Download
Microsoft Visual Basic 2.00
Visual Basic 2 is very similar to Visual Basic 1, with the following exception (apart from the obvious updating of the language and libraries): the interface has been changed slightly to include the 'properties' window, whose function was previously performed by the main window, using a very rough arrangement. Download
Borland Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.0
This, as far as I know, was the first Borland IDE to be released for Windows. It includes capabilities to compile for DOS, for a Windows console (which looked more like Terminal windows than DOS windows), and for Windows. Download
Productivity Software
Microsoft Excel 2.1d
This was the first version of Excel to be released for Windows; the product was originally only available on the Apple Macintosh. Though very primitive, it is still surprizingly useful - even if it doesn't contain many of the features that modern users might expect. It only works properly on Windows 386 and Windows 3.x, but it does execute and sort of work on versions of Windows upto 7. Download
Microsoft Excel 3.00a
This version is actually a significant improvement over 2.1d, cosmetically, at least. To be honest, I haven't used either enough to say much else. Download
Microsoft Access 1.1
Access 1.1 is the second version of Microsoft's database platform. Though it looks quite functional to me, it would seem to me to be little more than a PIM (personal informational manager; it's a fancy name for an address book) compared to the database platforms of today. Then again, even the newest version of Access looks like little more than a toy compared with some other platforms. Download
Microsoft Word for Windows 1
Like Excel 2.1d, this only works properly on certain versions of Windows: 386 and 3.0 Anything else, and it bombs out saying there isn't enough memory. It works surprizingly well though, considering how outdated it is. Download
Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0c
Word 2.0c was far, far better than its predecessor. I would even consider using it today, if the format was compatible with the any of the formats used in the version of Word they use at college (I'd rather like the option of printing what I've written). Download
Ami Pro 3.1
Another word processor, but this one was brilliant. Before Microsoft muscled in on everything, this was one of the best word processors available. I used it for nearly ten years at home. Download
Borland Resource Workshop 4.5
This program is actually a digital legend. Since the 1990s, if you wanted to hack a Windows 3.1 or a 32-bit Windows program, this was the thing to use. Though I mainly use it to add/remove/change icons in 32-bit Windows programs, and dropping all of my homemade icon files into DLLs. Download
Nico Mak WinZIP 1.00
Dating from 1991, the first version of WinZip. It took me several years to find it, and when I got it working I found it doesn't actually work properly (though I might be doing it wrong; if you know what you're doing, please tell me). Included it PKZIP and its related binaries, in a subfolder. The PKZIP files need to be in a directory that is in your path in order for this version of WinZip to work properly... it appears that at this point, WinZip was only really a GUI frontend for the existing DOS program. But, again, I might well be wrong. Download
Nico Mak WinZip 4.00
WinZip 4.00 is quite similar to its previous version (3.2, I think), but still is not very usable by any modern standards. Download
Microsoft Tetris 1.00
Microsoft Tetris for Windows comes from all the way back in 1990, and was part of an entertainment pack that was released by Microsoft at that time. Yes, it works on a modern PC. No, don't try and play it. It's quite fast. Download
Does anyone remember the old text-based Star Trek games that went around? There were loads of these games that were written in FORTRAN and BASIC from about 1973 onwards, and they were all based on the same idea: the galaxy is made of 8x8 grids and you've got to go through them all and destroy all the Klingons without being killed or running out of energy. This is one of several versions that were written for Windows. It is shareware, from 1992, and is probably the best version of that game that was ever released. It has save-games. It has a full simulation of the Enterprise computer. It even has sound. Come on, give it a try! Download