Endangered Software Archive - DOS Programs

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NOTE: While I am making this software freely available, I wish to make it clear that I am not in any way claiming ownership of their copyrights. Neither am I intending to prevent people from legitimately acquiring new software; I merely wish to encourage people to remember what software looked like in times long gone. The copyrights of each of the programs here belong to their respective manufacturers.

Programming Environments
Borland Turbo Pascal 1
This is Borland's port of their own Turbo Pascal IDE from CP/M. They were both released in 1980 - 1981, and together were Borland's first program to be marketed. It is the ultimate forerunner - the grandfather, if you will - of Delphi, which is still being maintained today. Download
Borland Turbo Pascal 2
This version is very similar to the previous version, but with more functionality. Download
Borland Turbo Pascal 3
As above. Download
Borland Turbo Pascal 5
This was the first version of Turbo Pascal to adopt the pseudo-windowed interface that was established with Turbo C 1.00. Download
Borland Turbo C++ 2.0
Borland's Turbo C++ was the forerunner to Borland C++, which went on to be ported to Windows and become a formidable IDE. Download
Borland C++ 3.0
Borland C++ was the first Borland IDE not to include the word 'Turbo' in its name. That decision was made with regard to this product because it was intended to be used by professionals for larger projects. Download
Microsoft BASIC 5.28
This is Microsoft's port of their own MBASIC product for CP/M, which was the most prevalent operating system of its day. Microsoft's various BASIC interpreters were the reason for the BASIC language and its descendants' popularity ever since 1975. Download
Microsoft BASIC Compiler 1.00
This was the first commonly available program to compile BASIC programs. What it does is put a header on the BASIC source file to make it into a recognizable DOS program, and to make it look for and use the BASRUN runtime library that was provided with it. Ever since the release of this compiler, Microsoft's BASIC and Visual Basic compilers have always required a runtime of some sort. Download