Endangered Software Archive

Welcome to the Endangered Software Archive! The site formerly run by the Tech Knight, on his website, but that was sadly abandoned a few years ago. So I contacted the Knight, and he has kindly allowed me to assume the name of "Endangered Software Archive" for my old software collection. The site contains old operating systems and software, but I will never say that I host a complete collection... not until I do, at any rate.

If you have a piece of software that you'd like to donate for the site, please let me know, but please remember that software that is not yet ten years old would be illegal to distribute over the Internet. Software from around 1980 to 1995 would be preferable, anyway - software that is old and rare, but preferably will run on a PC. Earlier software will, of course, be accepted if it is provided with an emulator or if it can be recompiled to run on a newer machine. Source releases are fine, also.